Netflix will expand its offer by selling gadgets

Netflix will no longer be limited to creating movies and series. The company is planning to launch a whole new range of branded products that will target their fans.

Over the last few years, Netflix has managed to earn quite a good position in the video platform market. The company owes its success primarily to self-produced content, which has helped to promote many well-known brands. Now the platform is going to merge their popularity and plan to sell gadgets related to produced films and series.

You will soon be able to purchase clothes, t-shirts, caps and mugs related to such series as “House of Cards,” “Orange is the New Black,” “Strange Things,” and many others that have been funded by the platform. That’s not all, as plans also include the sale of books, comics, toys, collectors’ products and music tracks, and maybe even licensing external companies to use well-known brands.…

Disney also wants to buy Twitter

Last week saw reports of Twitter sales. Popular social platform, recently has serious problems with increasing the number of users. In addition, it is constantly criticized for not actively working on the fight against persecution and the use of the jihadist distribution service. The best solution would be to sell the service.

The information is not official, but business media believes it is very likely, and the interest in buying the portal is expressed by Microsoft and Verizon’s telecommunications operator. Also, Disney would gladly take over this microblog platform, and according to Bloomberg, he is looking for funds to implement this plan.

Disney is a powerful corporation investing in the media. His portfolio includes Walt Disney Studios, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar, and a number of other companies in the industry. He also has ABC television and large ESPN, A + E Networks, Vice Media and Hulu shares.…

Apple Pay’s mobile payment system is becoming increasingly available. The service offered to Apple mobile device owners will soon be available in two more countries, namely Germany and Italy.

Apple recently praised 500 percent. The increase in the number of transactions made through Apple Pay, a new payment system for iPhone and iPad owners. This means that the company’s efforts to increase the popularity of this service, bring the expected effect.

The American corporation wants the number of users of this service to increase, so it plans to make it available in the following markets. The media report that it plans to soon make available to its inhabitants another European country, namely Germany and Italy.

The information is not official at the moment, but there are screenshots presenting the user interface, prepared in German and Italian, suggesting that the payment system will soon be launched in these countries.…

Watch out! You can also be watched by webcams

Experts say watching a user with the camera on his notebook is extremely easy and many people are exposed to this type of attack. What’s worse, even the disabled module can be taken over, so what’s really the only defense possible is the physical lensing of the lens with a tape!

The service “On Topic” decided to check whether the sizing of the camera is only a fanbase, or maybe it makes sense. Many fear their privacy, which in the world of hacking attacks is not strange. As experts say, you do not have to be the best cybercriminal to break the software security and gain access to the camera module. This type of attack is supposed to be very simple.

The information collected in the article “On Topic” is disturbing. It follows that experts agree with the thesis of easy manipulation of webcams. According to Piotr Konieczny, using a computer, we should make sure that our software is as up-to-date as possible. This will make the hacker work much harder to take control of the camera or even be able to do so. Kamil Sadowski from ESET, who adds that the victims of spyware are most often those who inadvertently click on dangerous links, which infects the system.

Interestingly, there are known cases where malicious software was installed even at notebook repair shops. Their staff suggested to their clients to take their bathroom equipment to steam clean the sensor, which of course was only a pretext for peeping women showering. With cameras and electronics in general, we should use our heads, and while hackers are becoming more and more insidious, it’s up to us to decide whether or not their attacks will succeed.…

Google can pay a giant fine

Has leaked a European Commission document regarding allegations against Google. They concern the abuse of monopoly position in the mobile device market. Mountain View companies may pay a multi-billion dollar compensation for this.

European antitrust authorities could soon impose giant fines on Google, which would have paid 860 million euros to pay Microsoft.

The European Commission is investigating Google for abuse of monopoly position in the mobile device market. The final decision was not taken, but just a 150-page document leaked, which sheds some light on the dispute. He suggests that the matter is very serious, and that the online giant can feel a very painful penalty imposed on him.

The case concerns the smartphone market. There is a discount or payment for Android device manufacturers, in return for preinstalling company applications such as the Google Play Store and the online search engine.

The document states that the US corporation may be fined for its practices. So far, its upper limit is unknown, but we know it will be based on Google’s earnings in Europe for AdWords, web search, Play Store purchases, and AdMob for mobile ads. The income from these ventures was certainly huge, so the fine could also be that.

And that is not the end of the concern, as the European Commission plans to penalize it also for favoring its own commercial services at the expense of its rivals. Stores have repeatedly complained that the positions of their websites in the online search engine are down, while in higher positions there are links to stores related to the American company. The Commission may order the restoration of the ranking of stores and provide better promotion of their services.

So far, the EC spokesman has not commented on the leak of the document.…

Extremely expensive and beautiful televisions

Connect Internet TVs and widescreen TVs are far more useful than active 3D imagery. Loewe offers a wide range of applications: Aupeo! Internet radio, eBay auctions or Picasa. All given in aesthetically designed menu. In addition, we have the ability to connect a wide range of devices: from computers, digital cameras and Smartcard access cards, to Apple devices. The TV will also show files shared on your home network. With Loewe DR + you can pause the program and continue watching from the moment it was stopped, eg on another TV Company in the bedroom – thanks to Loewe DR + and Follow Me (follow me). In addition, you can start watching a movie on your Loewe DR + recorder in the bedroom of your living room via your home LAN.

Loewe TVs are designed for the most demanding people with a wealth of wallets. Out of the competition’s products are distinguished by interesting and original design.…

Hackers have taken over the sirens of the warning system

Residents of Dallas last week could have been pretty surprised when all the sirens of the alert system activated at the same time. It turned out that it was the effect of the hackers who took control of them.

Practically in each city are installed emergency warning sirens, which are used to inform residents in life-threatening situations such as tornadoes, chemical contamination, etc. Usually, except for routine tests of their efficiency, these sirens are silent. Meanwhile, last week in Dallas launched all 156 and ran for 90 minutes, causing the residents of the city in a great consternation.

The city authorities, after examining the case, acknowledged that the siren system had been attacked by hackers who had taken over the control. Of course, this was not the first such incident, as often attempts were made to attack these devices, but so far one or two sirens have been taken.…

The White House wants to support the construction of small satellites. For this purpose, several initiatives are planned to support the organizations involved in their production. This support will involve financing projects and providing companies with knowledge and technology.

Until now, only large satellites have been placed in the orbit. The size of these devices was forced by the need to equip them with suitable drives, enough power for many years of work and a number of instruments needed for their operation. This approach was quite problematic, because large satellites not only cost a lot of money but are also expensive to place in orbit.

Last years, however, brought considerable progress in the miniaturization of equipment. Smaller satellites are becoming more and more specialized in specific tasks, with the cost of building and firing only a fraction of what is up to now.

The construction of such satellites also supports the White House, which has even prepared several initiatives and their task is to significantly facilitate their use. Much of this will be done by NASA, which not only donated $ 30 million to purchase data collected by these small units, but also created the Small Spacecraft Virtual Institute. It is a branch that will provide the various types of knowledge and technology organizations needed to build such satellites.

Support is also provided by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, which has signed a $ 20 million contract with Planet for the construction of a micro-satellite fleet. They will be placed in orbit and they will be photographing our planet, taking at least 85 percent of its surface every 15 days.

This is of course only part of the announced initiatives, as there are more plans in the plans. For example, the General Services Administration will develop an online portal, which is a sort of notice board that will allow companies to search for their satellite models and then purchase them. The Department of Commerce will also be involved in advising on private spaceflight and helping to meet federal regulatory requirements for such equipment.…

512GB microsd card

Just a little bit and microSD cards will successfully replace us with portable disks. Their capacities have increased dramatically in the past few years, and the latest models are already in line with standard HDDs. At Computex, Microdia has unveiled one of the largest models of its 512GB capacity.

For transferring data between computers we usually use hard drives in portable versions or if there are not many, we use much more handy pendrives. Soon we will be able to use memory cards as well, as models of capacities of several hundred gigabytes will appear, which will fit in the size of the postage stamp device.

During the Computex fair, Microdia presented at its stand a microSDCX card of up to 512 GB. The Xtra Elite supports the UHS standard, delivering data at 300 MB / s. However, it must be added that this is a SD 4.0 card (has an extra row of pins), so if our device does not support it, then the data will be sent only half the speed.…

How do we lose important data? Very different

Every electronic device owner knows how important data is, regardless of whether it’s a phone, a camera, or a portable drive. Their loss happens very often, and often we are responsible for it ourselves, but the most interesting are ways of losing data.

The latest shows that at least 25 percent of all computer users in the world experience data loss. Most of these cases, as much as 56 percent, happen as a result of hardware malfunction, 9 percent are software failures, and 4 percent are viruses. However, in a high proportion of cases (up to 26%) the human factor suffers.

Many users just do not have a clue how to handle the hardware safely, as confirmed by Kroll Ontrack’s joint campaign and Antyradia, where users share the strangest devastation.

Sometimes they are really surprising, as in the case of a girl who accidentally splashed a pendrive with paint. Poor woman did not even think that electronics were badly abrasive, so dipping the media in a solvent is not a good idea.

In total, more than 200 radio listeners have shared the story, and many have pointed to recklessness in dealing with equipment, or even mere stupidity. This was the case with a man whose 1.5 year old son was handling a potty. Do not know why, this popular equipment, instead of the bathroom, wraps around the apartment. Once upon a time, it turned out that the phone, in addition to ordinary content, also hit the phone reckless daddy.

Another story concerns a father who thinks himself to be a golden hand, to which a young man announced the strange noises coming from the computer disk. A clever daddy was supposed to take care of the problem and actually took care of it, though maybe not as he should. He unzipped the disc and greased his plates with WD40 fluid.

Another story concerns a driver who, while boarding a car, distracted by a telephone conversation, rested his laptop on the front wheel of the car. After the chat he forgot the computer and of course he drove it.…