Zone 51 really exists. This is confirmed by the documents

It seems that good days for conspiracy theorists are over. The American government has officially admitted that it has indeed existed for several decades under the cover of the secret zone 51. The existence of the base has been officially confirmed in the declassified documents concerning the U2 spy plane.

In a report titled The Secret History of the U-2, we can find information related to the origins of this base, which for many years has generated excitement for UFO fans. It all started on April 12, 1955, when Richard Bissel and Somund Ritland, together with Kelly Hohnson, flew over Nevada on an aircraft piloted by pilot Lokcheed – Tony LeVier.

During the flight they noticed a runway made at the bottom of dry Lake Groom Lake. After landing, it turned out to be his perfect place to test the U2’s spy plane, which during the Cold War gave Americans invaluable merit.

After President Eisenhower’s approval, a military base was built here, which for many years was the destination of thousands of people who came there because they believed that Zone 51 was testing vehicles belonging to extraterrestrial civilizations.

Of course, never officially found there, but that’s probably because, as the conspiracy theorists claim, the real Zone 51 has long since been moved to a completely new location, and with it all the flying saucers and aliens stored.

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