YouTube produces new programs for children

Popular YouTube portal has announced plans to create four new programs for the little ones. They will be available this spring in the kids version of YouTube Kids.

YouTube is not just a portal to which people from all over the world are throwing a variety of films. It’s also a place where we can see the original content produced by different creators. Soon, a Google-owned site will offer its users four new releases aimed at the youngest audience.

Content will be created for the YouTube Kids app and will be available to YouTube Red subscribers. New productions will be serials, which means they will keep viewers entertained for a long time.

The first is to be animated series “Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force” based on popular mobile application, created by DanTDM team, duo TheAtlanticCraft’s Joe and Cody and L2M. Another production is “Hyperlinked”, a series about the vicissitudes of five girls working on a website. The next series will be “DanTDM Creates a Big Scene” and the last “The Kings of Atlantis”.

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