YouTube changes the monetization rules

The YouTube Portal has decided to change the monetization policy for published videos to help protect against content thieves. Your channel will only be able to earn impressions once it has earned at least 10,000 impressions.

The monetization program on YouTube has been with us for five years and many people are praising it, thanks to this constant source of pretty good income.

Recently, however, the program began to use more and more different types of fraudsters, earning money from other people. Such an individual created an account on which he had uploaded videos copied from other channels, and could immediately monetize their impressions. Before the material was removed, he managed to accumulate a large sum. Especially if he stole a very popular material.

YouTube has decided to put a stop to this and make changes to its monetization program. From now on, monetization can only be enabled on channels that have at least 10,000 views of content. It’s an extra time to gather your channel information and make sure it’s original content, not copied content.

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