Your personal “black box”

U-DRIVE DVR MT4036 is a recorder that allows recording at 1280×720 @ 30fps and allows you to shoot up to 5 megapixels.

The U-DRIVE DVR MT4036 is a car black box that captures audio and video recordings of your route, events and situation – no one will tell you that you have been driving in red light. The recording of the MT4036 can also identify another vehicle that has escaped from the scene of the incident – the saved material is a practical proof of a collision, enabling a quick investigation of who caused the incident and, in combination with the GPS record, can provide evidence in court and may also be helpful evidence. In insurance cases (where an appraiser questions the type of damage found). It is also a recreational camcorder that allows you to record car performances and your route – rallies, races, tours, etc.

The 5MPIX camera mode provides instant photographic documentation of damage as well as high resolution shooting location, and with 4 IR illuminators, it is possible to take close-up shots of subjects even in complete darkness.

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