Yeston Radeon RX 580 GameAce with three fans

Something is blowing here. Yeston, one of China’s most popular graphic card manufacturers, has announced the launch of a fairly interesting Radeon RX 580 GameAce. This model will not be officially sold outside of China, but it is worth noticing it.

The new Yeston card, based on the AMD Polaris 20 processor, is one of the very few designs with up to three fans. Interestingly, although Yeston has decided to use a slightly modified laminate design that is fairly short, he added a third fan, for which the length of the card is significantly increased.

In the cooling system we have three fans, of which the middle is 100 millimeters and the two side 90 millimeters. All three work is controlled by temperature readout and remains inactive when the GPU is idle. The graphics processor runs at 1340 MHz, so it is not factory overclocked.

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