Yelp reduces queues in restaurants

Yelp has announced the acquisition of Nowait, which it has cooperated with since last year. Thanks to technology created by them, it will be possible to stop waiting for a table in a restaurant.

Consumers of popular restaurants know that even if they have a reserved table for a certain hour, they still have to wait long enough to slow down. Much worse is in restaurants where the table can not be booked and you have to wait a lot until you can sit down. Yelp is working on an idea that can eliminate the need to wait. The famous service was bought by Nowait, which he has been working with since last year.

Nowait has developed a technology that significantly shortens the waiting time for a free table. It’s a virtual system that works with four thousand restaurants in the US, creating a virtual queue for properties that generally do not accept reservations.

When the table we are waiting for is released, we will receive a text message. If, however, we know we may be a bit late, we can let the service know so that it will not be passed on to the next person.

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