Woman injured during headphone explosion

The media reported another person injured as a result of the exploding battery powered portable device. This time they were headphones, and the victim is an unidentified woman, flying from Beijing to Melbourne.

Lithium-ion batteries today power a myriad of devices, ranging from smartphones to cars. Unfortunately, this type of technology is highly unreliable and sometimes it happens that the battery explodes, often causing a lot of harm to the user.

The media is full of cases of smartphones exploding or electronic cigarettes, but it’s probably the first time that headphones have burst. And that’s what happened to a woman who was flying from Beijing to Melbourne on February 19. Lot was listening to music with headphones wireless, which at some point exploded.

The crew of the aircraft reacted very quickly to the event, flooding the equipment with water, but the burning equipment had still damaged the cab floor.

The Australian Bureau of Transportation Safety after investigations found that the fault was with the faulty headset battery. However, their brand has not been revealed.

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