Withings Health Mate will monitor your blood pressure

With many diseases, it is important to keep monitoring your blood pressure continuously. Of course, this can be done with a dedicated pressure gauge and a notebook, where we will record all measurements, but it is more convenient to use our iPhone with the Withings Health Mate.

This tool has just come up with another update that introduces HyResult to it. This is a completely new addition developed by specialists from the Parisian hospital Georges Pompidou, whose function is reduced to analyzing blood pressure. The supplement is paid and costs $ 5, but it can be very useful in diseases requiring accurate monitoring of this parameter.

The device needs to be configured appropriately and then for five consecutive days, the pressure should be measured in the morning and evening. You can enter data manually or use wireless blood pressure meters. After this period, HyResult will provide us with a full report with information on the average pressure level and whether it is correct or if it is too low or too high. The report can be converted to PDF so that the doctor can read it.

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