Windows 10 uninstalled applications without user consent

The latest Microsoft operating system has been criticized for its many functions, which not only attempt to install it on a user’s computer, but also record everything it writes. The latest update called Threshold 2 has brought yet another more interesting feature that has uninstalled the application without the user’s consent.

A few days ago Microsoft released the latest update to Windows 10 called Threshold 2, which was supposed to bring some bug fixes and improve overall system performance. The problem is that it brought with it another function that no one would have expected, and certainly did not expect.

Windows 10 has done it in the past without your permission, and now the trend has grown. Just a few days ago, the media reported that Threshold 2 had some users reset privacy settings and application settings, but that was not all the surprises they had brought with them.

Many users have noticed that the system is starting to uninstall their applications and not even asking for permission. One of them noticed that the Speccy program was missing from his computer showing the system components information. Other systems have removed such applications as CPU-Z, SmartFTP, and AMD Catalyst Control Center because they were considered incompatible.

Of course you can understand that Windows 10 takes care of your computer and can tell you that some applications may cause problems, suggesting that you decide to remove them. However, there is no right to do it yourself.

Of course Microsoft has declined to comment on this, which may indicate that this is not a mistake, but a deliberate attempt to remove third-party applications from the computer.

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