Windows 10 Mobile installed on almost 9% of Windows Phone devices

Windows 10 Mobile, which has just released its premiere, is beginning to gain more and more market share in the mobile device market on Windows Phone. According to a recent report by analysts at AdDuplex, it now stands at 8.8 percent.

Windows Phone is not one of the most important operating systems on the market and has slightly more than 100 million users. So far, only a small percentage of them have managed to switch to Windows 10 Mobile, which was recently made available to mobile device owners.

According to a recent report prepared by AdDuplex specialists, Windows 10 Mobile has so far earned only 8.8 percent of the market share of mobile devices running on Microsoft. This is not an especially impressive result if we look at it through the prism of users, as it translates into about 9 million people. However, given that this is a completely new system, it can be considered a success.

If the increase in the number of users continues at the same pace, Windows 10 Mobile will become more popular with Windows Phone 8 next month, which at the moment has 8.9% of users. It is far from Windows Phone 8.1, as it currently uses 77.8% of all smartphone owners on the Microsoft platform.

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