Windows 10 Cloud is supposed to be the answer to Chrome OS

New information about Windows 10 Cloud. Other materials about the upcoming Microsoft system were distributed by the editors of Windows Central. According to the portal, the software is meant to be a response to Chrome OS from Google, and the Redmond manufacturer will largely target the users of the education sector.

Chrome OS computers now have a very strong position in the primary and secondary education sector. According to FutureSource, last year in the United States, they accounted for 58% of all devices shipped to this type of customer. It is exactly the same market to be addressed Windows 10 Cloud – says Windows Central. The system should provide an alternative to Google software and help Microsoft gain popularity among students in countries where Mountain View is gaining more and more followers.

The network currently lacks detailed information about the Windows 10 Cloud, but its hardware requirements are available. According to them, we will be able to run windows on devices with at least 4-core Celeron, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory (or 64 GB for 64-bit). The system itself, on the other hand, will debut on May 2. It is also worth mentioning that eventually it can be marketed under the name of Windows 10 S.

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