Wind farms powered by bacteria?

The Oxford researchers presented an unusual concept for the creation of a microscopic wind farm that would be powered by bacteria. Their goal is to develop a small source of energy that could power microscopic motors or other nanomechanisms in the future.

We have become accustomed to the fact that windmills are powerful colossus, some beautiful, other scattered landscape, but Oxford scientists prove that this type of technology can scale and windmills instead of 100 meters high, they may be so small that they will need to see them. microscope.

A team of researchers has published research results on a microscopic wind farm powered by bacteria. Computer simulations have shown that building a farm that produces energy is possible.

Its functioning would be possible thanks to the movement of bacteria. If we look under the microscope for a drop of water, we see that the bacteria swim in it accidentally. The researchers, however, say that this movement can be rearranged to drive a set of 64 symmetric microdrillers and produce energy.

In the future, such microscopic power plants could supply, for example, the energy-constrained nanorobots.

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