Will lasers increase the effectiveness of vaccination against influenza?

Every year in the autumn and winter, pharmaceutical companies are trying to convince us to buy vaccines that are supposed to protect us from the flu. So far, their efficacy is negligible, as even the American Center for Infectious Diseases is affirming, but perhaps it will soon be enhanced by… a laser.

Influenza vaccines contain special chemicals to stimulate our immune system. However, this method does not always work and very often causes less pleasant side effects. However, Massachusetts General Hospital researchers have found that treating a patient with a laser before taking the vaccine can greatly increase its effectiveness.

They have shown that the use of low-power laser directed at the site where the vaccine is given can produce a very strong response to the drug, and more effective and without side effects.

At first attempts were made on mice, because it was necessary to select the laser power so as not to cause damage to the body. They managed to determine that about a minute exposure to the laser beam, greatly enhances the effectiveness of the influenza vaccine. The mice that used the laser had significantly less virus in the body than the rest. Researchers point out that their method can be useful also in many other vaccines.

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