Who will drive American astronauts to an international space station?

Russia no longer wants to bring American astronauts to the International Space Station. According to Interfax, the contract until 2018 will not be extended. After NASA has completed the space shuttle program, Russia is the only country capable of carrying out manned spaceflight.

For several years the Russians have been roaming the International Space Station for crew and supplies. The Russian-American agreement, extended in 2015, expires in 2018, and as claimed by the Russian Space Agency, “there are no plans to enter into new contracts.”

This decision will also affect astronauts from European countries, as Roskosmos also does not want to cooperate with the European Space Agency. At the same time, Russia is withdrawing from the international air show, which is traditionally held in the United Kingdom.

According to the daily Izvestia, the Russians do not want to repeat from last year when they were denied permission to exhibit equipment and visas for exhibitors.

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