Will be the successor of Tesla Roadster

Before Tesla Motors gained popularity with the Model S, the first car in the US was the Roadster, a more luxurious curiosity to showcase the company’s production capabilities than to profit. The American producer, however, has not forgotten it and is planning his successor.

The car has not been officially announced yet, but the company already has specific plans to produce this vehicle, which will hit stores in 2019. Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, one of the managers of the Tesla Motors group, told reporters in a press conference that the new Roadster will be a different one from the previous model. And a bit bigger and much faster, because the American engineers have significantly improved their electric drive technology over the years since its inception, improving their performance. Tesla S is the best example of this achievement as it is a saloon with sports car performance.

The vehicle will receive the Maximum Plaid mode, which resembles Ludicrous mode known from the Model S, allowing full use of power dormant in the electric drive and providing spectacular performance. Unofficially, it is also said that the new Roadster will be built on the third generation platform that was used in Model 3.

But before the next generation of Roadster goes to the showrooms, Tesla intends to introduce an improved version of its current model, which will receive a new aerodynamic package designed to reduce air resistance. The suspension will also be redesigned to provide less rolling resistance and will additionally receive a 70 kWh battery pack that will increase its range.

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