Wikipedia is fighting spam and trolls

Wikipedia is a very useful source of information for many of us. At least it should be, but due to the growing problem of spam and trolls falsifying posts, it becomes less and less credible. The online encyclopedia operator has therefore announced the fight against pests and intends to use Artificial Intelligence for this purpose.

Wikipedia has just announced that it is beginning to use Artificial Intelligence algorithms to search and remove articles containing plain spam or false information posted by Internet trolls. The objective of the project, called Objective Revision Evaluation Service (ORES), is not only to make life easier for people who spend many hours of their lives searching for errors, but also encouraging others to complete the encyclopedia.

ORES is supposed to scan all new editions and use machine learning technology, search for suspicious entries, search for specific patterns. If an article is flagged by the SI as suspicious, then a person who carefully checks the entry enters the action.

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