WikiLeaks helps protect the CIA

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, has announced that his company’s employees will help technology companies improve their security. This is protection against hackers working on behalf of the CIA.

At the beginning of the week, WikiLeaks unveiled a package of secret documents depicting CIA illegal activities. Materials have shown that the agency employs hackers and also has the tools to break into cell phones and change the TVs into spy devices to eavesdrop on victims.

Many companies have responded to these allegations of action to crack down on hackers exploited by CIA hackers, and Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, also wants to help with this. Assange has confirmed that technology companies can take advantage of the help of its people who will be able to patch faulty software so that the intelligence agency can no longer use it for its purposes.

Assange claims that what WikiLeaks has published so far is only a small part of the documents in his possession. He claims that there are hundreds of millions of lines of code in many programs that allow CIA agents to break into phones, PCs, and even TVs. It therefore offers a co-operation, exclusive access to technical details that will block this possibility. President Trump: The CIA data protection system is outdated.

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