WD sales of the lowest drive for years

Western Digital Corp. It has just published its financial results for the last quarter, which shows that the manufacturer’s hard drive sales are the lowest for years. Nevertheless, the company does not have to worry about financial problems for now, because although its flagship products are slightly less attractive, they are still profitable.

In the second quarter of this year Western Digital sold a total of 48.52 million hard drives. For comparison, in the analogous quarter of last year, drive sales were 63,097 million units. The company has sold slightly more drives for business computers and less for non-desktops (eg decoders with burners). Sales of home-drive drives declined by as much as 12 million units a year.

However, WD hopes that sales of business disks will grow in the years to come, with more and more innovations in devices such as helium filling for high capacity drives. This reduces friction and increases data read speed.

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