Walmart will develop its own drones

Not only does Amazon build a dron which it intends to use in its future. A similar plan is one of Walmart’s largest US retail chains, which also wants to create an unmanned vehicle for order processing and inventory control.

This plan was confirmed by Shekar Natarajan, one of the vice presidents of the US retail giant, who revealed that drones will be used primarily in corporate magazines. For the time being, the pilot program checks the suitability of cameramen equipped with cameras to improve the status of the goods. According to Natarajana, such drones can do a job in one day, which would take a month for a man.

At present, the inventory is occupied by people who are equipped with portable terminals, have to manually scan all the goods and put them into condition. This is a time-consuming process, as the warehouses have multi-storey racking that employees need to access to reach the store. Meanwhile, a small dron equipped with a high-speed camera can perform 30 images per second, so it will do the same job many times faster.

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