Vote for the best products of the year and win prizes

Vote for the best electronic products of the year in the Tech Awards poll of 2016 and win the chance to win attractive prizes.

Tech Awards 2016 is a plebiscite in which readers of the largest technology services choose the best products of the year.

Galaxy S7 or iPhone? PlayStation VR or HTC Vive? Call of Duty or Battlefield? Which ones deserve the Tech Awards 2016 statue?

By voting in a plebiscite co-organized by Computer World, PCLab, AGD Lab and Onet Technowinki, you can not only express your own opinions and contribute to the win of your favorite products, but also win attractive prizes – including great LG monitors.

How to participate in the 2016 Tech Awards and get a chance to win prizes?

How to vote? Just go to the Tech Awards poll page 2016 and select the products we want – up to three in each category. You can only vote once!

The 2016 Tech Awards will be awarded in ten categories: Home Appliances, Mobile Applications, Games, Innovations and Technology Startups, Components, Laptops and Tablets, Mobile Phones, Smartphones, Gaming Equipment and Wearables.

To get a chance to win a prize, after the vote, click the “Register” button and enter your name, email, and phone number. The number of prizes in the pot will be increased along with the number of votes cast.

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