Voice will help diagnose the disease

Beyond Verbal Israeli company believes that the voice of our voice may become a diagnostic tool in the future and allow for disease detection. The company is already working on a suitable technology that will analyze the voice and will assess whether it is healthy.

Modern technologies are increasingly used in the treatment of patients. Today, the doctor does not use a stethoscope and an alveolar tonsil, but has a wide range of diagnostic equipment. Still, the detection of many diseases is a complex process that does not always produce the expected results.

Perhaps soon to be able to develop a much simpler and more effective tool to assess our state of health, which is based on voice. Beyond Verbal, an emotion-focused voice analysis tool, is a tool that will allow you to use it to examine your patient’s health.

The goal of the project is to create voice markers or patterns that can be combined with specific diseases. In this way, a patient’s intelligence analysis with Artificial Intelligence could reveal whether he or she is not suffering from any disease. In addition, it would allow to quickly determine what kind of a disease it is. At that time, no specialized equipment would be required for the patient to study, as it would be enough to talk to him.

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