Vanquish can hit the PC

The creators in an interesting way announce the appearance of the PC version. Platinum Games is probably getting ready to put on the PC game Vanquish. Like the recently released Bayonetta, this title unfortunately missed personal computers, and a shame, because it was a really decent production. Vanquish PC rumors have appeared before, but now the premiere seems to be possible at all.

Two weeks ago, Bayonetta was sold to gamers for seven years. The title was very well received, thanks to Platinum Games, which made a really great conversion. According to SteamSpy, the game has already found around 140,000 buyers, which is really a decent result. Platinum Games recently claimed that they would like to release all their PC games, but that is not the case, and the publisher, Sega.

The latter are happy with Bayonetta’s adoption and are probably already preparing for the launch of Vanquish PC. This is the opportunity to announce the latest update to production with the sexy witch in the lead role. The creators have released a tiny patch that however has not fixed any bugs, and added only a new avatar to the add-ons folder. The graphics represent the main hero of Vanquish (below).

It is worth recalling that the appearance of the Bayonetta PC was also announced by providing graphics that we could have made from a dozen or so fragments, earning achievements in the 8-bit Bayonetta mini game. The message contained in it led to a special page, where the countdown to the release of the title took place. Even more the introduction of another production from the Platinum Games catalog seems to make sense.

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