Valve will change the Steam game recommendation system

The company also wants to fight with the so-called. “Fake games”. Valve is preparing to make big changes on its gaming platform. The changes will aim to promote good titles that developer developers care about, whether those that have been released in a hurry or are quickly abandoned. There will also be new options for Steam Castors, which Valve wants to motivate for further work.

It is not a big abuse to say that in recent years Steam has seen a gigantic number of games that can be termed junk. The platform is drowning in the flood of poor production, and digging through the thousands of proposals is getting heavier. Valve is well aware of the problem and is working on its solution.

The company wants to significantly improve its recommendation system, thanks to which we receive offers for specific titles. Good productions are recommended for us more often, and poor ones will not show up at all. Improved visibility of titles that deserve publicity are supposed to help the so-called. Steam Explorers. This is a new group that will look at interesting production. Access to it will be everyone interested, and for our work we will receive several bonuses. Among them is, for example, access to a closed forum or new badges. Games will have to be bought for their own money, but we will be able to return them easier. The revealed data shows that the player will be allowed to return one game per week, and the money will be transferred to him without delay.

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In addition to marking good games, Steam Explorers are also pointing to productions known as “fake games.” It is here. For productions that show very poor quality of performance, the developer is not interested in their development or their content is not consistent with what the developers have announced. Valve also plans to penalize those producers who create unfinished titles and advertise them with the availability of collector cards.

Changes are awaiting Steam Casters. Valve wants to give users more tools, including The ability to create collections where you can find, for example, the best / worst games of the year. The company also thinks about introducing levels depending on the amount and quality of content prepared by the curators. Materials creators also have an insight into how their opinion about the game influenced the sale of the title. In addition, the Steam client will also have an integrated game transfer option for developers to use. The reviewer would receive a copy instead of a key instead of a key.

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