USS Zumwalt has a new ammunition

Ultra modern USS Zumwalt warship, the latest ammunition the military will stand. Excalibur missiles have been selected, which have a smaller range, but may be targeted to mobile targets.

The American military is trying to pick up from another defeat, the USS Zumwalt. This state-of-the-art floating vessel has already consumed billions of dollars and yet still is not fully functional.

The ship is constantly troubled by technical problems. And as if it was, it quickly turned out that the Navy can not afford to shoot from the main weapon of the ship, because the ammunition for her is too expensive. Long Range Land Attack Projectile (LRLAP) missiles are as modern as ships, so they have GPS guidance and a huge range of about 100 km, but one copy costs $ 800,000.

The gun was capable of firing 10 such missiles in a minute, so a few minutes of firing targets could cost as many as a few tens of millions of dollars. This amount is far beyond the capabilities of the navy, so it was decided to look for other missiles that have similar capabilities but are cheaper.

The choice fell on Excalibur, Raytheon ammunition. It is half the range, but it is also guided by GPS. In addition, it can hit targets that LRLAP can not. The biggest advantage of ammunition, however, is that one missile costs “only” $ 200,000.

Of course, choosing a new ammunition does not solve all the problems. You still need to spend about $ 250 million to adapt the ship to new missiles. The ammo loading system and the guns were designed for LRLAP, so they need to be replaced and rebuilt.

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