Uplay is no longer supported by Vista

Fortunately, the games we still play are still going to be released. Microsoft will officially end support for Windows Vista tomorrow. The software will no longer receive any patches and users are prompted to switch to a newer OS. For this reason, software manufacturers also think of abandoning support for this system. One of them is Ubisoft, the owner of the Uplay platform.

New information on this subject appeared on the official site of the French company. Ubisoft intends to abandon support for Windows Vista on its Uplay PC client. In the future, the program will not receive any updates or patches that are often required to launch French developer games.

This may be a problem when purchasing newer titles that will likely be targeted only on Windows 7 and Windows 10. But what is important, all the games so far played will continue to operate on Vista (if they were previously active). Ubisoft does not intend to restrict access to the owners of this system. At the same time he urges to switch to a newer OS, including the top ten.

Ubisoft’s approach is not surprising, because Vista is not popular among gamers. This is perfectly reflected in the stats of the Steam platform, where only 32-bit version of Windows 8 is smaller. It’s possible that we’ll see similar ads in the near future for other popular apps.

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