Ubisoft can be taken over this year

Vivendi can do it. Ubisoft can be hostile to Vivendi even before the end of this year. According to Reuters, Vivendi, under the influence of falling stock prices and investors’ irritability, may be taking a much more aggressive approach to acquiring other players this year.

French giant already has a few companies to take over, but according to sources Ubisoft is to be one of the first targets, next to the advertising company Havas, where Vivendi already has a share as high as 60%.

According to Reuters, Vivendi is entering a new phase of takeover of others, and is due to take place before the end of this year. Another source indicates that Vivendi has set a spending limit for such activities, but Ubisoft may not slip this time.

Vivendi bought more shares in Ubisoft in December last year, reaching 25%. According to French law, exceeding the level of 30% gives the opportunity to take over the control package. In April last year, Vivendi claimed that “there are no plans” for Ubisoft to take over. Vivendi is an entity known for pushing the acquired companies to generate as much profit as possible, in the shortest possible time. Ubisoft in recent years has had its flaws with games that were underperforming. Taking over by Vivendi can only enlarge the problem.

One can not ignore the fact that Vivendi has been consistently attacking other businesses created by the Guilemott family for several years. You have de facto lost Gameloft and have been focusing on Ubisoft for a few months now. Determination of Vivendi, however, may prove too strong. Vivendi expands into various economic sectors, buying not only game makers, but also mobile network operators and advertising companies. Vivendi already has legal problems in Italy, where a state regulator accuses the company of not complying with state law to focus its influence on the mobile and television market, referring to the recent acquisition of Telecom Italia and Mediaset.

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