Uber will fly to work by air

American Uber continually presents new ideas for the development of their business. One of them is especially original. It assumes the use of flying machines to bypass traffic jams. This way the company will get us to work much faster.

Increasingly crowded city streets make driving a car a real pain. Every one of us has to stand up in the big traffic jams and this has to be taken into account when we go to school or work. Sometimes, however, we have to reach somewhere in a very short time, such as an appointment or plane, but in the current situation it is increasingly difficult.

Uber, however, has a way to bypass traffic jams and present him during the Nantucket Conference. Jeff Holden, Product Manager, revealed that his company is interested in alternative transportation methods, more specifically, vertical-landing and landing vehicles.

While the helicopter works, the Uber is something else, namely a machine with multiple rotors, folding wings and an electric drive that will provide quiet operation. This way the customer would not have to stand in the traffic jams and arrive at the destination in a much shorter time.

However, we should not expect that soon after ordering a Uber taxi, instead of a car, a flying vehicle will land next to us. This is just an idea, and the American company is just analyzing this concept so it will not implement it in the coming years.

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