Uber drivers can rent a car

General Motors Corporation meets the needs of people who would like to work as a Uber driver. As part of the Maven program, each of them can rent a new car from the manufacturer and without a mileage limit.

To work as a taxi driver, you must first invest in your own car, as this is a must-have tool in the job. But if we want to work in Uber colors, we do not have to do it. General Motors meets the needs of these entrepreneurs and launches a pilot program of Maven, which lends them new cars.

Instead of buying a new car, the Uber driver can rent it for $ 179 a week. There is no limit to the kilometers that you can drive. Rented cars are also used for private use, and insurance is already included in the price. Of course, the cost of using a vehicle is already on the shoulders of drivers. The Chevrolet Cruze, Malibu and Trax models are available for Uber’s employees.

Maven will be available for 90 days and will only be available in San Francisco. However, if you check, it may also be launched in other cities.

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