Two new enermax enclosures

Enermax is perhaps not the most well-known manufacturer of computer enclosures, but it has several offerings that consumers may like. Two new Ostrog Q and Thorex models can be added to the market.

The first of the models presented does not look so good, but the manufacturer ensures that its design focuses on functionality and high cooling efficiency.

The size of the casing is not great, so it uses a new cooling system concept that effectively expels hot air outside. Its part consists of two 120mm mesh-protected fans located on the front panel and one rear 120mm fan which draws hot air from the enclosure. The cooling supplement is two side and one upper windmill.

As far as drives are concerned, the manufacturer has fitted a casing in three 5.25 “bays and 3.5” / 2.5 “hard drives. One of the mounting rails can be dismantled and a graphics card can be inserted up to 39 cm in length. On the other hand, the processor cooler, can be 174 mm high, and the mains lead to the motherboard. The housing will be sold for £ 36.90.

The second model of the Thorex is distinguished by a slightly different, more elegant styling of the front panel and side window. Its functionality remains almost identical to its predecessor, including the graphics card length and processor cooler heights, as well as the number of hard disk bay bays. The same is also the price, which is also £ 36.90.

Both models will soon be on the shelves.

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