Two injured in an explosion e

Today it is difficult to imagine life without batteries that power thousands of devices ranging from toys, cameras and laptops, to electronic cigarettes. It is easy to forget that very small chemical reactions occur in these small components, which under conditions can lead to self-ignition or even explosion.

If that is the case, the smartphone will be the most popular, because most of us are practically no longer parting with these gadgets. However, attention is drawn to cases of e-cigarettes in the lead role: even if they concern a much smaller number of consumers, the imagination is the fact that it is handled by mouth. The Orlando Sentintel newspaper describes the explosion of the second device. As the journalists write, an e-cigarette exploded in a pocket while riding a roller coaster in one of the amusement parks, causing burns on the left side of the body. An 14-year-old girl whose fire ball burned the right part of her face was also affected by the explosion.

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