Tweets archive closed by Twitter

More than 300 million Twitter users produce a huge number of posts a day, and some of them are certainly interesting enough to keep them. That’s what the PostGhost site was up to, but it has just announced its completion, as the portal from which it has been posted has managed to close it.

On Twitter, there are plenty of entries written sometimes under the influence of impulses or booze drinks. Many of them are fun, others are a mishap, of which politicians are most famous, so they are quickly removed. It is worth to keep them from being laughed at, and this was handled by the popular PostGhost site.

Her activity was not liked by Twitter, who has been actively fighting her for some time, first by closing her official account, and now leading to the closure of the site to which the postings were posted. Its owners have confirmed this fact.

Twitter claims that PostGhost has been terminated because its API is in violation of the rules, as it publishes posts that have already been removed. The owners of the site, however, defend themselves against these allegations, arguing that they only archive the tweets of popular and verified users, and given that they are public, so publication of these posts does not break any rules.

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