TVs in retro climates

It would seem that all TV manufacturers in their products use modern styling. However, LG decided to go upstream to the current trends and designed a retro TV, featuring a 60-style stylus and CRT CRT cathode ray tube.

The latest model of the LG Serie 1 TV is not only that it looks like it has been moved from the Technical Museum, it also uses the outdated CRT technology, having a screen in the unfamiliar 4: 3 picture standard.

The TV has a 14 “screen and a special home antenna. It also has chromed legs and stylized knobs for channel switching and volume control. Of course, only the appearance of the TV is antique, because it has a modern digital tuner, composite video input for console and remote control. The most interesting thing is that the TV can present the image in full color, in black and white or in sepia.

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