Toyota Mirai hydrogen certified at a distance of 100 thousand. km

KJ Tech Services has verified the Toyota Mirai in a long-distance test of 100,000 vehicles. km. The entire experiment lasted 107 days, and each was filled with 16 hours of driving by eight drivers. What is the finale?

Of course, the ultimate goal of the test was to see how long the Toyota Mirai, one of the first mass-produced hydrogen-powered cars, was able to handle the long-range. Many potential customers are wondering how such technology will work in everyday life. And that was just to verify the test, during which the Toyota Mirai was checked on different quality roads around Hamburg and also in the city itself. The plan also provided for motorways with no speed limits.

After 107 days of intensive testing (16 hours each day), Mirai defeated 100,000. Kilometers consuming a total of 1000 kg of hydrogen (approximately 1 kg per 100 km). During the test two tires were replaced and one front brake pads replaced. It is worth noting that such low operating costs (these brake pads) are an issue compared to conventional drive cars, where after such a distance it would be necessary to replace the engine oil several times, and often also the camshaft, The tests were also performed when the ambient temperature dropped to minus 20 degrees Celsius – even in such a scenario no problems were observed.

Test drivers highlighted high travel comfort associated with low noise levels and an instant response to the addition of gas, which is typical for electric motors. The offered power – 155 horsepower – was, in their opinion, quite sufficient to dynamically move on interurban roads, even when it was necessary to overtake other vehicles.

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Refueling Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai is refueled with hydrogen, which, according to the testers, does not differ much from refueling cars with petrol or diesel engines. After a brief explanation, they were able to do it themselves. It has also been pointed out that, unlike electric cars, the Mirai does not require many hours of charging.

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