Toshiba retracts laptop batteries

The Japanese company Toshiba, due to the risk of fire, withdraws from the market more than 100 thousand batteries, which are the standard equipment of the laptops it sells. This applies to batteries manufactured by Panasonic that power models such as Poertege, Satelite and Tecra.

Laptop batteries are generally much safer than the batteries that power our smartphones, but they can also sometimes be a risk, especially when there is a factory defect. Such a defect was detected in Panasonic batteries, which are standard equipment of Toshiba laptops. Therefore, over 100,000 of such batteries are withdrawn from the market.

The problem is with batteries installed in 39 Poertege, Satelite and Tecra laptops because they can overheat and expose you to the risk of burns. The serial numbers for all defective batteries start with the G71C, and although it’s a US-based machine, it’s not possible to exclude some of the units from Europe. It is therefore worth checking to see if your equipment does not fall into this category.

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