Toshiba laptops with a button for Cortana

As we know, part of the latest Windows 10 will be the Cortana digital assistant, which will automate many of the activities done on the computer. For Toshiba laptops, activation of this technology will be extremely convenient, as the manufacturer will equip them with a special Cortana switch.

Cortana is one of the more interesting digital assistants available today. Its popularity will increase significantly after the launch of Windows 10, which is equipped. Computer users, thanks to this technology, will be able to automate many activities not only related to content search, but also to other functions.

Theoretically, Cortana is supposed to keep watching so that she can immediately begin executing the task assigned to her, but users may not want to do so and want to activate the assistant manually. For Toshiba laptops it will be very easy, as the manufacturer has predicted a dedicated button for the new technology. It will be located in the upper left of the keyboard, just near the function keys and will provide quick access to Cortana.

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