Toshiba can sell its TV department

The Japanese are looking for money and savings. Continued saga with Toshiba’s financial problems. According to The Japan Times, the company is considering selling the TV segment to get the needed cash injection. It is also worth mentioning that recently the TV department was rather a burden for the company, because it generated noticeable losses.

That is why at the end of September last year, Toshiba representatives mentioned the requirement to restructure the TV segment. It did not help to provide third-party manufacturing options for Japanese-licensed devices. Europe is responsible for this Vestel, and in China TV with the Toshiba logo produces Hisense. It is these two entities who are to be the main interested in taking over the Japanese TV business.

Toshiba was already forced to shut down its Indonesian television production plant. Recent financial results show that the sale of the entire TV business can simply be essential for the company to meet market regulators’ demands for the nuclear segment. It was for this reason that the entity showed a loss of as much as $ 9.6 billion.

Over the past few months, Toshiba has sold many of its segments, including home appliances and medical devices. The Japanese want to focus on basically the only profitable department responsible for memory production. Interestingly, they are also eager for him. Not so long ago, Silver Lake Partners, along with Broadcom, offered $ 17.9 billion for this segment. At this moment it is the only official offer, although it is said loudly that the hologram on Toshiba’s memory department is also Western Digital.

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