Google Tablet became a fact

At yesterday’s presentation, the US company Google has shown its long-awaited first multimedia tablet, which can seriously compete with other devices of this type, due to its affordability and performance. …read more →

More RAM in the new ipad Air

In September this year, Apple will present its latest products, including the second generation iPad Air. Although the official specification of the device will be announced at a conference scheduled …read more →

Drawing pixels on the ipad screen

Pixel painting requires patience from the artist, attention to details and imagination. Images consist of millions of points. Placing everyone in the right place just sounds straight. The point-drawing technique …read more →

4K screen and 6 GB RAM?

Apple will have to significantly improve the iPad to retain its leading position in the tablet market. Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Ultra, which not only receives a 4K screen but …read more →