Tomb Raider in a web browser

Year 1996 called and asked if you got it in bookmarks. Tomb Raider debuted in 1996 and quickly won huge crowds. The game began with the adventures of Lara Croft, a brave archaeologist who always has something to find or discover. The game was also one of the first big titles where a full-scale 3dfx Glide programming interface was used, providing graphics quality and animation smoothness that no 3D accelerator could provide, in addition to 3dfx Voodoo.

The 3dfx story – a company that voodoo has revolutionized PC gaming and … has fallen

After a few months of work, “XProger” managed to modify the original Tomb Raider so that the game could work in a web browser. The idea was inspired by the OpenTomb project, which involves the development of an open-source game engine.

The website where the browser version of Tomb Raider is located does not contain all of the content, but only the level of Vilcabamba City, but it allows you to upload a file with a different level of play in PHD or PSX format. So if someone has such a file, then it should work properly, although it may not be possible that the project needs some fixes. It is worth noting that apart from the possibility of playing from a third and first person perspective, this version has an unlocked animation smoothness, so FPS can be as much as our computer can generate at the resolution of our monitor, Which did not even dream of the creators of the game. The original game today had a hated 30 frames per second. Then no one care about her, because as today drop to this level is often a tragedy for the player, but in 1996 it was the boundary of the world of dreams.

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