Titanium ribs with a 3D printer

3D printers have provided many new possibilities in the treatment of patients. Their greatest usefulness is related to the production of bone implants lost due to accidents or illness, which makes it much easier to match them to the patient. This time, these devices have helped to create an extremely advanced bridge and rib prosthesis.

54-year-old due to cancer, had to remove some of the bone from the chest with the bridge. Unfortunately, their replacement with another material was not easy, because due to the complex geometry of the chest and its constant movement, traditional implants could lose their functionality after some time.

That’s why engineers from the Australian company Anatomics specializing in medical equipment have designed a special titanium implant, which was then made by CSIRO Lab 22’s 3D printer. A $ 920,000 ready-made device was implanted to a patient at the Salamanca University Hospital in Spain and could return home after 12 days of convalescence.

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