Three-dimensional zebra recipe for excessive speed?

There are many ways to discourage drivers from driving fast in urban areas, but most are less effective. India has, however, found that they have found a solution to this problem, and they are three-dimensional zebras that look like a physical barrier from the right perspective.

Surely you have not seen the 3D pictures of the 3D images on the internet, which can only be viewed from the right perspective, and many of them make an amazing impression with their realism. The idea of ​​such drawings was decided by the Indian authorities, who have a serious problem with drivers who routinely exceed permissible speeds in cities.

Instead, instead of building hurricane thresholds that cause more problems than good, increasing noise, exhaust and dust, they are set to three-dimensional drawings that look like a physical object from afar. The authorities expect that when they see something in front of them, the driver will take his foot off the gas.

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