Three-dimensional hand scanner

Today’s gloves and accessories worn on hands and wrists are mass-produced so their fit will never be perfect. Pieter Smakman has decided to do something about it and has developed a special 3D scanner, so everyone can have their own personalized glove, steering wheel or other gadgets that fit his hand.

His work is called Curatio and is a technically advanced scanner that performs a very detailed model of a hand in 3D with a forearm. The ring-shaped device uses the Raspberry Pi mini as a 32-camera and laser pointers.

Thanks to the very precise model of the palm and wrist, you can then design items in the graphics program with regard to the individual physical characteristics of the future owner. In other words, you can create gloves that fit perfectly in size and hand contour, personalized car steering wheel, or use a three-dimensional hand model for use in virtual reality technology applications.

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