Thousands of internet users fined for downloading a movie

American citizens who have downloaded the film “London on Fire” will probably prefer to go back to the cinema. It would cost them a lot less, because now they have to pay the $ 300 fine they demand from two film studios.

In March of this year’s premiere was a new London film on Fire, a continuation of the 2013 production, titled Olimp in Fire. The story is not particularly sophisticated, and the film was not particularly popular with the audience, with a budget of $ 60 million, earning just over $ 62 million in the US market.

The Millennium Films and LHF Productions, therefore, decided to compensate for the losses suffered by those who downloaded the film and demanded compensation from them. Thousands of Americans in recent days have been ordered to pay $ 300 for getting an illegal copy of “London on Fire”, which appeared in Blu-ray quality online a week before the premiere.

The studios first came into possession of the IPs of the movie downloaders, and then the Internet providers obtained their personal information and home addresses, which were then sent for claims for compensation. This is of course a pre-emptive settlement, so if the internet user decides to pay the said amount, the labels will not go back to court in return.

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