This is the end of 3D in the telivisors. The biggest manufacturers have relinquished support

With the withdrawal of the last two of the big TV manufacturers supporting 3D technology, you can finally recognize this technology as dead.

Recall. When the FullHD resolution was introduced, when SmartTV was still a very inefficient curiosity, and long before the development of OLED displays, TV manufacturers were stuck in the dead.

Frequencies, contrasts or delays lacked marketing potential, so it was necessary to come up with something completely new, and in Avatara’s day, 3D seemed like an ideal solution. This lessens the transfer of the effect achieved in the movie theater using the projector was not physically possible.

Although the technology that has been developed over the years looks better than the days of “marketing frenzy” on 3D, there are no shortage of 3D Blu-ray releases in the market, and many people have received 3D by the way, buying a new TV – all indications are that For the vast majority of viewers it is just a trivial curiosity that they have used at most once and never felt the need to repeat that experience.

If anyone had doubts that this – at least for the moment – the end of 3D TV, it must have dissipated last year’s decision of Samsung, one of the most important players in this industry, to abandon 3D support in 2016. At the CES 2017 show, smaller vendors such as Sharp and TCL were also vain to look for 3D solutions.

The issue closes with the release of 3D support in 2017, still the most influential companies in the industry, LG and Sony.

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However, it turns out that even 3D TVs have their dedicated fans, and soon the service was formed to address LG’s petition to restore support for this technology next year. It has signed over 6 thousand. people.

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