These will be businessmen fly

Time is money, and businessmen are a professional group that values ​​their time and wants to lose as little as possible, especially when traveling by plane, which sometimes lasts for even several hours. Soon, however, the time spent in the air can be reduced considerably.

Since Concorde retired, businessmen travel at exactly the same speed as other passengers, but of course in much more comfortable conditions. However, taking on their extensive business, often traveling around the world, travel is a huge waste of time and a means of transport that would deliver them much faster.

Spike Aerospace has just announced the launch of a new aircraft designed for the business elite and will provide passengers with much less space than regular airplanes.

A small, 18-seat S-512 machine would be able to achieve a cruising speed of 1.6-1.8 Mach. It’s a bit less than the legendary Concorde, but half faster than traditional airlines.

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