The world’s largest marine maneuvers

Every two years in the Pacific there are gigantic military maneuvers taking part in dozens of states. In the last edition participated 55 ships, more than 200 aircraft and 25 thousand sailors! It’s RIMPAC.

RIMPAC, that is, Rim of the Pacific Exercise is the largest marine maneuvers ever held every two years in the world. Initially they were intended to strengthen cooperation between the US and allies from the Pacific. Over time, participation in these maneuvers became, however, a part of the prestige for the navy of the region, and the exercises were joined by countries not very friendly to the United States and other participants. Intelligence is also important. Such huge maneuvers are an opportunity to “see” the latest solutions not only of construction but primarily of operational and tactical elements.

RIMPAC is also used to test new types of armaments. In the last edition of the most interesting projects that saw the daylight, was the LS3 and prototype UHAC vehicle. The LS3 is an autonomous transport machine, while the UHAC is an autonomous transport machine. Ultra Heavy Lift Amphibious Connector is a heavy landing vehicle that will replace the LCAC hovercraft in the future.

For the first time, the representatives of the People’s Republic of China appeared for the first time. Beijing has set up a destroyer, a frigate, a supply ship and a hospital. However, it appears that due to the rather tense situation in the region, discussions about the next Chinese invitation are under way. Nobody wants to show them too much and it is possible that the next edition of RIMPAC will take place without them.

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