The world’s fastest processor already on sale

Intel started selling the first Ivy Bridge-E processor. It is known that the fastest available in the commercial processor will be a luxury. Surely there will be no buyers.

The Core i7-4960X does not currently have competition among other manufacturers. The only one that can compete is the eight-core Core i7-4770K, sold for 30 percent. Price of the latest product from Intel.

Ivy Bridge-E is a development of the well-known Ivy Bridge architecture. According to experts, the Ivy Bridge-E family will be 5-7% more efficient. Than the previous Sandy Bridge-E. In the meanwhile, the manufacturer’s offer already includes faster solutions – the Haswell architecture. Therefore, using a new processor when it is not possible to fully utilize the six cores, will yield weaker results than the Core i7-4770K.

The total area of ​​the Core i7-4960X is 257 mm2, which houses 1.88 billion transistors. It is worth mentioning that the Core i5 Lynnfield processors placed “just” 0.77 billion transistors on a larger surface of the system.

The new Intel chipset is little changed from the previous Core i7-3970X. The processor has six cores and 15 MB of third level cache.

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