The White House supports the construction of small satellites

The White House wants to support the construction of small satellites. For this purpose, several initiatives are planned to support the organizations involved in their production. This support will involve financing projects and providing companies with knowledge and technology.

Until now, only large satellites have been placed in the orbit. The size of these devices was forced by the need to equip them with suitable drives, enough power for many years of work and a number of instruments needed for their operation. This approach was quite problematic, because large satellites not only cost a lot of money but are also expensive to place in orbit.

Last years, however, brought considerable progress in the miniaturization of equipment. Smaller satellites are becoming more and more specialized in specific tasks, with the cost of building and firing only a fraction of what is up to now.

The construction of such satellites also supports the White House, which has even prepared several initiatives and their task is to significantly facilitate their use. Much of this will be done by NASA, which not only donated $ 30 million to purchase data collected by these small units, but also created the Small Spacecraft Virtual Institute. It is a branch that will provide the various types of knowledge and technology organizations needed to build such satellites.

Support is also provided by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, which has signed a $ 20 million contract with Planet for the construction of a micro-satellite fleet. They will be placed in orbit and they will be photographing our planet, taking at least 85 percent of its surface every 15 days.

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This is of course only part of the announced initiatives, as there are more plans in the plans. For example, the General Services Administration will develop an online portal, which is a sort of notice board that will allow companies to search for their satellite models and then purchase them. The Department of Commerce will also be involved in advising on private spaceflight and helping to meet federal regulatory requirements for such equipment.

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