The vibrating vest will allow the deaf to feel the sound

Researchers have been working on ways to restore hearing to people who have lost it. Progress in this field is rather slow, but the researchers follow different paths. One of them brought the invention in the form of a device called VEST, which will allow the deaf to feel the sound.

VEST, the Versatile Extra-Sensor Transducer, is a work of scientists at Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University and, to put it bluntly, it is a vibrating vest that, through special mechanisms and algorithms, processes the sound into vibration.

The device uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the smartphone and use its microphone to record ambient sounds to isolate speech from it. Then using the signal-decomposition technology, it processes the sound waves into electrical impulses, which are then processed into vibrations.

Of course, the vest does not vibrate like the vibration we are experiencing while standing in front of the bass speaker, but has special patterns of these vibrations, forming a kind of tongue. Each sound has a unique pattern of vibration activated at a specific torso and after some time the user learns to interpret them as specific sounds or speech. Of course, technology does not allow words to be understood like using a healthy hearing organ, but will provide a certain substitute for it. And it is very important for deaf people.

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