The Tesla Model is the best zero emission vehicle

The Environmental Protection Agency has determined Tesla Model S to be the best zero emission car in terms of distance that it can drive. Auto Tesla Motors outperformed even the hydrogen Toyota Mirai, although the difference is not great.

Electric cars undoubtedly have several advantages, and one of them is growing in scope, by installing more capacious and more modern batteries. The Environmental Protection Agency found that the best thing about this was the Tesla Model S, a vehicle built by an American company run by Elton Musk.

The Tesla Model S P100D, with a single charge of powerful batteries, goes as far as 507 km. For comparison, the Toyota Mirai powered by hydrogen fuel cells, with one refueling carries a distance of 502 km. In addition Tesla is very fast, since 0 to 96 km / h accelerates in 2.5 seconds. It was therefore considered the largest vehicle in the zero emissions category.

Unfortunately, Tesla S loses with Toyota Mirai on all other fields. First of all, the Japanese car is getting faster and faster. How many partial recharges of batteries in Tesla takes several dozen minutes, then in Mirai hydrogen reservoir will be filled in four minutes. In Mirai’s favor is also the price speaks. Tesla costs as much as 134.5 thousand. Dollars, which is twice as expensive than the Japanese car.

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